How to rotate ruler in Microsoft Whiteboard using a pen

Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool used as digital collaboration board as well as jotting down your ideas for crafting projects. This blog explains how to use pen on digital drawing tablet to rotate ruler.

Naveen Kohli


Sunday, March 28, 2021

Digital drawing tablets are becoming very popular for digital drawing of crafting ideas. I use Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet for all my digital drawings as well collaborative notes. Microsoft Whiteboard is a great tool for creating digital illustrations of your ideas. In addition to free hand drawing it provides support for primitive drawing shapes including straight lines. Your drawings do not always contain horizontal and vertical lines. Whiteboard has Ruler that can be used to draw lines.

Using ruler in Microsoft Whiteboard is very easy. There is a little quirk to its default angle and position. It always come up rotated at 45 degrees. Microsoft has instructions about how to rotate this ruler to any degree. These instructions well if you are using desktop with mouse or has a touch screen. If you are using a digital drawing tablet, it takes some extra steps to rotate the ruler. This video provides you instructions on how to rotate using a pen in digital drawing tablet.

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